Which hat are you wearing today? Data scientist?

Headteachers, which of your many hats did you wear today? Carer, mediator, janitor… what about data scientist? From attainment tracking to attendance, school leaders spend a lot of their time with their data scientist hat on. How confident do you feel when you have your “data scientist” hat on? Even the most confident data analystsContinue reading “Which hat are you wearing today? Data scientist?”

How schools can do more with data during Covid-19 – TES Scotland article

I have recently written an article for TES Scotland that discusses how schools can do more with data during Covid-19. The full article is available on the TES Scotland website, https://www.tes.com/news/coronavirus-how-schools-can-do-more-data-during-covid-19

Measuring “effort” during home learning

It looks like a version of home learning is going to be around for a little while longer and I know lots of schools are surveying pupils, parents and teachers to understand how they are finding things. A measure you might not have thought about is asking them how much “effort” is involved in homeContinue reading “Measuring “effort” during home learning”

“Lockdown engagement” impact on attainment

Staying at home is feeling like the “new normal”. However I know my daughter, like lots of children is missing her friends and teachers.  We’ve been able to interact regularly with her school, but I am aware that not every child (due to lots of reasons) is so lucky. When all children are able to returnContinue reading ““Lockdown engagement” impact on attainment”