Melrose Primary School, Scottish Borders

We employed Emma Nylk at a cluster level, to design a 6 point attainment tracker to be used within all cluster schools.

We began by working closely with Emma to share with her the design brief. Emma has expertise in both spreadsheet design and statistics. In this phase Emma was able to advise us and also challenge us on what we were asking for, ensuring that the measurements we were asking for would be both valid and useful. This was extremely helpful and allowed us to work collaboratively to create a very specific brief.

Emma was able to work to the brief in a really prompt and efficient manner. She produced trackers ready for use which were really fantastic and fully met the brief she was given. Furthermore, she created a set of help sheets and guides which ensured that the trackers could be used, even by someone without prior experience.

We are now using the trackers successfully in our school and cluster. The tool she has created is very powerful and we are yet to scratch the surface of it’s true potential. It is undoubtedly giving us valuable attainment data that can be used to look at and compare data across the cluster. We are able to track changes and observe trends. We are also able to do analysis based on attainment against risk matrix children, PEF and more.

For me there are numerous advantages to this. The biggest, however, is the amount of time it is saving us. Rather than wasting time crunching data, we are able to gather the data that we need quickly, allowing us to focus on planning interventions and actions that have a real impact for our young people.

Overall we are highly satisfied with the work that Emma has produced.