Measuring “effort” during home learning

It looks like a version of home learning is going to be around for a little while longer and I know lots of schools are surveying pupils, parents and teachers to understand how they are finding things.

A measure you might not have thought about is asking them how much “effort” is involved in home learning.

“Customer effort” has been around over 80 years but became popular about a decade ago within businesses after an article was published in the Harvard business review in 2010,

In these difficult times, making things as easy as possible for people is so important.

I like “customer effort” as a measure as it allows you to achieve one of my principles of best practice, Insight to Action.

“A significant advantage of the CES [Customer Effort Score] approach is the ability to produce actionable data that can be used to help design
customer experience”

Henley Business School – “Customer Effort – Help or Hype?” April 2013

Below is an example of a question that you could use,

As with any measure there are pros and cons but it is a measure I would consider adding into any pupil/parent or staff survey. Adding it in with a space that allows people filling it to give examples of what is causing them issues will allow you to focus your time on making life a bit easier.

I have previously managed customer surveys and if you would like any more information on survey best practice, please get in touch.

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