“Lockdown engagement” impact on attainment

Staying at home is feeling like the “new normal”. However I know my daughter, like lots of children is missing her friends and teachers. 

We’ve been able to interact regularly with her school, but I am aware that not every child (due to lots of reasons) is so lucky. When all children are able to return to school, will these differing levels of engagement increase the attainment gap.

Markers in the tracker
A number of schools I work with use an Attainment Tracker to follow how their children are achieving from nursery to S3.

Within the document they can compare the attainment of children by different measures such as risk matrix, SIMD.

However, there could be benefit in flagging how much engagement there was during the lockdown. The options could be as simple as,

  • Attended Hub
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • None

By combining this information with your existing data it could highlight any new groups of children that would benefit from additional support. Especially for children transitioning from P7 to S1. 

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