Attainment Tracker (standard)

The standard Attainment Tracker allows you to track the progress of your pupils from Nursery through to S3 across 5 subjects all in one Excel document.

The front page gives you easy access to all the tabs you require.

The performance of the pupils can be measured up to 4 times a year on a scale from 1 to 6 . The names of the points on the scale can be amended to match your schools requirements. Key information such as whether a child is on the risk matrix, SIMD, Free School Meals, LAC is held with the performance data and is easily updated.

A summary page allows you to track the performance of the pupils as they move through the school. Filters at the bottom of the page allow you to quickly check performance of different groups such as just those on the risk matrix.

The graph page gives you an easy way to view the trends in the subjects, by selecting the options on the right hand side. The graph will also update to match the filters (e.g. risk matrix only) that you have selected.

All of the subject names, markers (e.g. SIMD, risk matrix), performance scale can be amended to match your schools requirements. It can also be branded with your schools logo.

“The school can demonstrate the impact of its strong partnership work with colleagues. Close monitoring of young people’s attainment and the sharing of standards across the cluster are leading to more consistent improvements in young people’s attainment in literacy and numeracy.”

Earlston High School Inspection Report – Jan 2020

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