“What gets measured gets managed”…..vs. I’m sure everything is fine (!)

I am very blessed to have two beautiful, healthy daughters who keep me very busy! Unsurprisingly a lot of my time is focused on making sure they have everything they need (and everyone else including myself comes after). However, at a recent blood test to check how I was recovering after having my baby, it indicated I was dehydrated (oops!)

After being admitted to hospital twice during my pregnancy due to dehydration I am very aware for drinking plenty! This had never been a concern before having children, so this result was a bit of a surprise.

So I thought I’d measure how much I was actually drinking (instead of guessing) with a labelled water bottle, and oh dear…. I wasn’t doing well!

The first day was fine, I was drinking plenty and everything was great. Day two, not so good! By lunchtime I wasn’t even at the 10am line and it took me all day to finish 1 bottle (oops again!) However if someone had asked me, I would have sworn I had drank the same amount of water on both days.

Without accurately measuring my water intake I would not be properly managing my hydration levels (as I am now, promise doctor!)

In future posts I will cover the need to be aware of possible unintended consequences of ‘what gets measures get managed’ but for now I am off to drink more water and maybe a nice cup of tea 😊

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