The Attainment Tracker

This provides a useful system to monitor children’s progress.”

East Neuk Analytics supports headteachers to improve their data literacy through training and bespoke tools for their schools.

By supporting teachers to improve their confidence in their data led decision-making, it gives them more time to spend with the children and young people in their school.

Emma Nylk founded East Neuk Analytics in 2017. With over 10 years analytical experience in retail and financial companies, Emma brings a variety of skills to her work.

As well as supporting schools, Emma has written for TES on ‘How Schools can do more with data during Covid-19?’


Excel documents that allow schools to track the attainment of the pupils from nursery to S3. These documents have been highlighted in Education Scotland inspection reports for their positive impact.


Training can be provided either face to face or through video calls. Past events have covered Excel basics and data analysis best practice. Bespoke courses are available.


Since 2017, we have worked with many schools to design the data tool right for them. Making sure that any solution is right for your school is key to saving you time.

Feedback in Education Scotland inspection reports.

“Over the past 18 months, the school has adopted a revised approach to tracking and monitoring. This provides a useful system to monitor children’s progress.” 

Stow Primary School Inspection Report March 2019

“Through using data effectively, staff across the Earlston High School cluster identified correctly how to improve young people’s attainment in numeracy….Commendably, staff can evidence clearly the impact of this intervention on the attainment of a group of young people in the BGE.”

Earlston High School Inspection Report Jan 2020