Which hat are you wearing today? Data scientist?

Headteachers, which of your many hats did you wear today? Carer, mediator, janitor… what about data scientist? From attainment tracking to attendance, school leaders spend a lot of their time with their data scientist hat on. How confident do you feel when you have your “data scientist” hat on? Even the most confident data analystsContinue reading “Which hat are you wearing today? Data scientist?”

Thinking about your schools’ data as if it was a child in your care

“Data is the new oil” was first quoted in 2006. It highlighted how valuable data is and how it needs to be refined to get the power out it. However, when you are thinking about data in a school this can feel risky. When it comes to young people’s data, we really need to thinkContinue reading “Thinking about your schools’ data as if it was a child in your care”

British Data Awards Finalist EdTech of the Year

East Neuk Analytics is delighted to announce that we’ve been named a Finalist in the British Data Awards 2021 for ‘EdTech of the Year’. The British Data Awards is an annual campaign that aims to uncover data success stories. Organisations taking part this year include FTSE 100 giants, tech unicorns, public sector bodies, newly launchedContinue reading “British Data Awards Finalist EdTech of the Year”

“So what……?” Are you spending time on collecting data with no purpose?

The impact of Covid-19 on the health and wellbeing of children can be felt by everyone involved in education. Being able to quantify this impact is not an easy task.   Schools are full of data; pupil attendance, SIMD, free school lunches, standardised tests, parental feedback, teacher assessments…. the list goes on. All this dataContinue reading ““So what……?” Are you spending time on collecting data with no purpose?”

How schools can do more with data during Covid-19 – TES Scotland article

I have recently written an article for TES Scotland that discusses how schools can do more with data during Covid-19. The full article is available on the TES Scotland website, https://www.tes.com/news/coronavirus-how-schools-can-do-more-data-during-covid-19

Measuring “effort” during home learning

It looks like a version of home learning is going to be around for a little while longer and I know lots of schools are surveying pupils, parents and teachers to understand how they are finding things. A measure you might not have thought about is asking them how much “effort” is involved in homeContinue reading “Measuring “effort” during home learning”

How confident are you in your data?

Schools seem to be flooded with data: from tests, feedback, teacher assessments…. but does all your data tell the same story.   If you had to choose two teachers within your school to assess the ability of your pupils, would each child be given the same score by the two teachers? If every child hadContinue reading “How confident are you in your data?”