Which hat are you wearing today? Data scientist?

Headteachers, which of your many hats did you wear today? Carer, mediator, janitor… what about data scientist? From attainment tracking to attendance, school leaders spend a lot of their time with their data scientist hat on. How confident do you feel when you have your “data scientist” hat on? Even the most confident data analystsContinue reading “Which hat are you wearing today? Data scientist?”

3 tips on how to measure ‘catching up’

As more children and young people return to face-to-face learning, there are many discussions going on related to ‘catching up’. How we measure the progress schools make in this area can be challenging. I hope these 3 tips will support your thinking around this. What are you comparing against? With any data analysis, every numberContinue reading “3 tips on how to measure ‘catching up’”

Best practice for analysing data

Over the last 10 years I have seen many principles for analytical best practice. The five that apply regardless of the data you are looking at are, Rubbish In – Rubbish Out What gets measured gets managed The trend is your friend So what……? Insight to Action Over the next few posts I will goContinue reading “Best practice for analysing data”