East Neuk Analytics has a number of pre-built products that can support the analysis of children’s data in schools. New builds and amendments bespoke to your school are always possible. To discuss any questions you have please contact me.

“Over the past 18 months, the school has adopted a revised approach to tracking and monitoring. This provides a useful system to monitor children’s progress.

Stow Primary School Inspection Report March 2019

PEF Tracker

This document allows to track the performance of children who are receiving additional support through the PEF funding. The document shows you the data at pupil, school and cluster level.

Attainment Tracker

The standard Attainment Tracker allows you to track the progress of your pupils from Nursery through to S3 across 5 subjects all in one Excel document.

Attainment Tracker with NGRT summary

This tracker has additional functionality that allows you to combine your internal measures of the progress of your pupils with NGRT data in one easy to use Excel document. It automatically calculates the difference between a child’s age when they took the test and the tested “working to age” across 5 subjects.

Learning & Teaching Tracker

Allowing you to record and trend the performance of your teachers, combining data from Head Teachers feedback and pupils feedback.

Any questions?

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